To Government Offices

To the government agencies and local governments

Our company provides consulting services related to space business. We can assist in revitalizing local regions, education, and improving business performance through the utilization of space business.

We have a wide range of achievements in lectures, training, and consulting related to the space industry, so if you are considering a project, please do not hesitate to consult with us.

National Achievements

We have carried out numerous projects requested by various governmental agencies, prefectures, and municipalities nationwide. Below, we would like to introduce a few of them.

Beppu City2022Revitalization of Beppu and Space Education through Hot Spring Rocket WorkshopsDevelop and manufacture rockets utilizing the local specialty, hot springs, and “Yunohana” (hot spring mineral deposits). 

For participants, provide educational activities to understand the mechanics of rockets, utilizing both education and local revitalization to boost Beppu City. 

Create a space dimension of the sixth industry starting from Beppu.
Oita Prefecture2022Changing the World with Space Travel
-Potential of Space as Seen by Future Space Traveler-
Hold an interactive online lecture where high school students and educators learn from pioneers shaping a new future.
Keio University2022International Space Private Law IThe CEO gives a lecture to students, focusing on the space travel he have signed up for, covering the general trends in recent space business.
Private Elementary School in Tokyo2022Changing the World with Space TravelPresent to elementary students about the potential of space as seen by prospective space traveler (CEO).
Chamber of Commerce and Industry2022Space Business lectureResearch and lecture on the recent trends of the space business that is expanding to 140 trillion yen, and what private companies need to enter the space business.

At our company, ISL, we offer free consultations for government agencies and local governments.

Please let us know about your requests related to space in your respective municipalities. 

Below is a list of past consultation topics:

  • Would like to promote education using space within the municipality
  • Would like to pursue initiatives related to space, but they don’t easily penetrate various municipalities or facilities…
  • Would like to use specialized knowledge to formulate and improve initiatives
  • Would like to request a lecture on space business or space travel 
  •  Would like to request an exciting lecture about space for students

We can also consult on preliminary estimates before public solicitation. Please feel free to contact us.