2023.03.11 regional development

The space event ‘Boiling, Bubbling Space FES in Beppu’ will be held March.11 2023

Space event aiming to revitalise the space business in Beppu City by developing rockets using hot springs and presenting student-initiated space businesses.
The “Space Festival in Beppu” was held on 11 March 2023 (Saturday).

The aim of the event was to deepen knowledge and interest in space education and local resources among the younger generation in Oita, which is in the throes of the opening of the Oita Spaceport, and to promote Beppu City’s attractions and initiatives in the space business to the rest of the country.

For this event, a locally produced and locally consumed rocket was developed, incorporating the local material yunohana (hot-springs) into its components, and a yunohana rocket was developed using bioplastic. The event was linked to space business and space education in Beppu, Oita Prefecture, and to the revitalisation of the local community by presenting space business ideas by students and giving examples of the latest space travel and space business.

◆”Space festival in Beppu”.
Date & Time: 11 March 2023 (Saturday) Reception from 9:30am, Start from 10:00am.
Place: International Conference Room, Beppu Beacon Plaza 3F
HP] https://space-fes.jp
Rocket launch workshop
Rocket launch workshop using cellulose nanofibres made from local bamboo and hot spring water.
Bioplastic rocket launching workshop (for elementary and junior high school students) using local hot spring water as raw material.
Alpha rocket launching WS using gunpowder to learn about rocket engineering (for high school students and above).

Space lectures
Explanation of cellulose nanofibre, a new material using local bamboo, by Associate Professor Taro Korimoto of Oita University.
The latest case studies of space business and candidate ideas of space business that can be started from Oita.
The latest information on space travel by Mr. Noriaki Inaba, who is scheduled to travel to space.

Presentation by university students on the new space business that will be developed in Oita.
Presentation of new space business ideas by students.
Appearance by space celebrity Yusai Kuroda.

The event was held in Oita, where interest in the space industry is growing in the region as a whole due to the decision to open a spaceport,
The event was a great success.