Space Business Consulting

It is said that the space business will expand to 140 trillion yen in the future.
The term ‘space business’ is not limited to what has traditionally been considered as the space industry, such as satellite data, communication like the internet, Earth observation, and rocket launches. A time is coming when private
individuals can travel to space and easily launch their own satellites.
ISL aims to support this era by combining existing industries with space to foster new industries.

①Space Medicine

As humanity advances into space, there’s a need to research how we can overcome extreme environments, including the vastness of space. In space, due to conditions like ‘closed environments’, ‘radiation’, and ‘microgravity’, numerous changes occur in the human body and mental state.

Additionally, there are cases where existing medical equipment cannot be used.
To ensure that all people, including those with illnesses or disabilities, can live safely, it’s essential to evaluate current medical tools and develop new medical methods.
To achieve this, we are collaborating with universities and companies dedicated to space medicine and have established
the ‘JAPAN CLINICAL SPACE MEDICINE CONSORTIUM’ to tackle challenges in space medicine.

1. Development of Space Medical Devices

We have developed a mockup of a non-powered IV drip system that can be utilized in space, extreme conditions, and during disasters, and have applied for a patent.
We will continue to develop medical equipment that can be used in space.

Features of the IV drip mockup:

  • Usable in extreme environments.
  • Dispenses fluid with a unique system of constant load.
  • Includes flow rate adjustment and flow monitoring.
  • Can be attached to the body and used even in tight spaces.
  • Operates without a power source.
  • The fluid pack can be replaced for continued use.

2. onstructing a Space Medical Experiment Platform

In partnership with our collaborating companies, we are in the process of building a platform that allows for the development of new materials, bio-experiments, and medical experiments in space environments, starting with the ISS (International Space Station).

3. Development of Space Preventive Medicine App

A personal doctor well-versed in the latest preventive medicine utilizes our unique data management system to achieve personalized “prevention.”

In addition to regular medical data like heart rate, health checkup results are stored in the database. From everyday health management to determining what’s needed to aim for space, you can receive advice from doctors specializing in space medicine.
We are currently developing an app that enables health management to prevention.
Preparations are underway to leverage the obtained data for remote and automated medical consultations.

②Regional revitalization

We will utilize space business to attract visitors to the regions
and revitalize local industries.