Successfully raised 80 million yen in the seed round. Achieved profitability from the first fiscal year

Together with a third-party allocation of new shares and a bank loan, the company succeeded in raising 80 million yen in the seed round. The company also made its first financial closing and achieved sales of 42 million yen and profitability from the first fiscal year.

The funding will help INAMI Space Lab to develop and provide high-quality space medical equipment to a wider range of users in the future and to support companies’ entry into space. founded in 2022, we foresee a new era in which civilians will enter space, and have created a future where the entire human race can go to space. The INAMI Space Lab has been promoting important initiatives to create a future in which the entire human race can go into space.

As part of these efforts, INAMI Space Lab, in collaboration with IHI Aerospace Inc. and Nipro Corporation, has developed a prototype of an intravenous drip device for use in space. The device is expected to be able to infuse infusions into the body at a constant pressure without the need for a power source, even in microgravity environments. This ground-breaking development was built in cooperation with Liehito Fujii, Prototype Team Leader at OSG, a leading cutting tool company, and was layered using a 3D printer.

INAMI Space Lab’s mission is to create an era in which not only astronauts but also all people, including the elderly, the disabled and those in need of medical care, can aim for the new frontier of space by providing medical technology and products that will enable private sector space exploration. This funding is a major step towards realising this goal.

Our CEO, Noriaki Inaba, said: ‘With this funding, we can more strongly support companies aiming to enter space and move towards the promotion of space medicine. The construction of new medical infrastructures is essential for humans to live safely and maintain their health in space. This is our mission, and this is an important step towards achieving it.” He commented.