With an eye on the expanding space medicine business, appointed Dr. Reo Takizawa, who is involved in space medicine, as a space medicine advisor!

INAMI Space Laboratory, Inc. has appointed Dr. Reo Takizawa of Ushiku Aiwa General Hospital, who is involved in space medicine, as a space medicine advisor, aiming to further open up a new era in space medicine in Japan.


Virgin Galactic has entered an era in which it sends a civilian into space every month.
We are also entering an era in which rockets are launched almost daily around the world, accelerating the advance into space.
While overseas, countries like Saudi Arabia are beginning to show leadership and express initiative in the field of space medicine at the national level. In Japan, the expanding civilian manned activities and space medicine have not been focused on, and not much consideration has been given to them.
Against this backdrop, ISL has appointed Dr. Reo Takizawa of Ushiku Aiwa General Hospital as an advisor to space medicine, along with a doctor specializing in space medicine, in order to get ahead of the expanding market.

◆Comment from Dr. Takizawa, Space Medical Advisor of Ushiku Aiwa General Hospital

My name is Dr. Takizawa, and I have been appointed as a space medicine advisor. I believe that space medicine has been based on basic medical research until now, but as we enter an era in which Inanami and other civilians will go to space, clinical medicine in space will become necessary. In addition, the development of medical products designed for space and methods of testing in space will also become necessary. We will continue to research and develop these as-yet-unknown aspects of space medicine, and we look forward to working with you.

◆Comments from Noriaki Inaba, President

The percentage of space travelers is high among the elderly, and some of them have chronic diseases or disabilities. What should be done for healthy astronauts as well as civilians to go to space, and what should be done in case of injury or illness in space?

We would like to appoint a doctor who is well versed in space medicine as an advisor and work on space medicine with his advice, and link space medicine not only to treatment in space but also to consistent medical care from the ground to space, remote medical care, and even to the revitalization of rural areas. I believe it is worth doing because no one else has done it yet, and I want to create a new era for the future and contribute to society.”

◆Profile of Dr. Reo Takizawa

Director, Ushiku Aiwa General Hospital

Department of Cellular Physiology and Aerospace Medicine, The Jikei University School of Medicine
Graduated from: The Jikei University School of Medicine (2007)
Medical Advisor and Specialist:
 Board Certified Surgeon, Japan Surgical Society
 Vascular Specialist, Japanese Society of Vascular Medicine
 Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon, Japan Certification Organization for Cardiovascular Surgery
 Board Certified Endovascular Surgeon, Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery
 Abdominal Stent Graft Instructor
 Thoracic Stent Graft Instructor
 Instructor of endovascular incision for varicose veins of the lower extremities
 Japan Medical Association Certified Industrial Physician